Automotive Manufacturing Double Lifting AGV

Automotive Manufacturing Double Lifting AGV is used widely in the field of automotive manufacturers such as Engine installation, Axle installation, Battery Installation underneath the chassis, etc, which is usually with an electrical lifter for parts transportation, bearing, lifting, etc.



AGV TypeAutomotive Manufacturing Double Lifting AGV
External DimensionL4800mm×W2100mm
Floating Range of Lifting PlatformScissors platform/700mm, Cylinder platform/950mm
Lifting platform Form/ Height of platform(From the ground)1,000mm
Travel DirectionForward, backword, turn left and right
Driving Lifting TypeAutomatic lifting
Control MethodPLC / AGV Moving Control Unit (Optional)
Guidance MethodMagnetic tape guidance
Communication FunctionIndustrial WiFi
Driving MethodDouble steering driving
Driving Power SupplyDC 48V
Loading Capacity2,000KG
Moving Speed0-45m/min (custom support)
Guidance Accuracy±10mm
Stop Accuracy±30mm
Working Type24 Hours
Charging TypeManual Charging (optional automatic charging)
Battery Lead acid battery / lithium battery, Maintenance Free Battery, Continuous discharge number>300 times
Safety Induction Range≤3m, Adjustable. The distance for emergency brake is less than 20mm
Human-Machine InterfaceThe touch screen human-machine interface is adopted to easily set the parameter, site or alarm.
Working EnvironmentIndoor Temperature: 0-40 Celsius Degree; Relative Humidity: 5%-90%
Safety ProtectionFront Obstacle Testing Sensor + Mechanical Anti-collision Mechanism
Safety induction rangeDetecting range ≤3m, adjustable; Emergency braking distance: <20mm
AlarmSound and Lighting alarm
Design Life>10 Years

Automotive Manufacturing Double Lifting AGV application