Pallet AGV solution for transfering Euro Pallet with 1,000 KG Payload


Max lifting capacity 1,000 KG,
No need to lift to any height (less than 50 millimeters).

Two journeys:

  • 1( about 130 meters one way) ;
  • 2 (about 30 meters one way).
  • 30 minutes per job.

AGV Path:

AGV start from the standby point, get a calling from the operator, run to load point 1 or 2, take the pallet, to the unload point 1 or 2, drop the pallor, get back to standpoint.

Pallet dimension (Euro pallet)

Product NamePallet AGV   
PayloadQkg500 kg1,000 kg
Navigation MethodLaser LidarLaser Lidar
Load CenterCmm600600
Driving Wheel MaterialPolyurethanePolyurethane
Front Wheel Distanceb11mm400400
Overall Heighth1mm350550
Lifting Heighth3mm100100
Overal LengthL1mm16001600
Fork Sizemm1180X180X601180X180X60
Distance Forkb3mm580580
Turning RadiusWamm880980
Speed Empty/FullEmpty/Fullm/s1.0/0.70.7/0.6
Driving Motor Powerkw0.60.8
Lifting Motor Powerkw0.81.0
Lithium Battery VoltageV/Ah48/3548/60
Battery Weightkg3045
Tottle Weight (incl. Battery)kg240280
Steering ModelElectric DifferentialElectric Differential
ChargingAutomatic ChargingAutomatic Charging
Working Timeh32
Positioning accuracymmdegree± 10mm, ± 1.0°± 10mm, ± 1.0°

Solution List for this Project:

No.Items UnitQuantityNotes
1Pallet AGV (1,000 KG)Set1Load 1000kg, lifting height 60mm, Manual charging pending,sick TIM 310
2Lithium battery 1Set224V/40AH
3Manual Chargerpcs125A 24V
4AGVS+PMS systempcs1Advantech IPC+ 19 inch display screen, calling and dispatching AGV


  1. This list excludes the reflector and other laser-guided accessories, it depends on the area of the whole project.
  2. The customer needs to supply the Wi-Fi network which meets the AGV running in the working site.

Training and Services

Training PlanWe provide AGV operating training to help our customers, and to solve basic problems while the AGV is operating and increase the efficiency.

Two plans:
1, Customers assign staff to our company to get trained once we finish the manufacturing and testing in our factory, then they are qualified to get back to working site to give instructions.
2, Our company could send our staff to our customers' project site with your permission to help.
Pre-Sales ServiceFree consulting service
Customize non-standard product
Free technical consulting for specific requirement and particular construction scheme
Mid-Sales ServiceWe will recommend the most suitable product based on your requirements
After-sales ServiceFree technical operating training
Free instruction on installation and debugging
Satisfying solution within 12 - 24 hours since your request is received
Maintenance ServiceSupport. An agreement will be signed.

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