Automotive Manufacturing Assembly Line AGV

AGV TypeAutomotive Manufacturing Assembly Line AGV
External DimensionL2400mm×W900mm(Without standing area) / W1400mm(With standing area)
Floating Range of Lifting PlatformBack and forward 80mm, left and right 50mm
Lifting platform Form/ Height of Platform(From the ground)Scissors platform/600mm, Cylinder platform/900mm
Travel DirectionForward, backword, turn left and right
Driving Lifting TypeAutomatic lifting
Control MethodPLC/AGV Moving Control Unit (Optional)
Guidance MethodMagnetic tape guidance
Communication FunctionIndustrial WiFi
Driving MethodSteering driving
Driving Power SupplyDC 48V
Loading Capacity1,000KG
Moving Speed0-45m/min (custom support)
Guidance Accuracy±10mm
Stop Accuracy±30mm
Working Type24 Hours
Charging TypeManual Charging (optional automatic charging)
Battery Lead acid battery / lithium battery, Maintenance Free Battery, Continuous discharge number>300 times
Safety Induction Range≤3m, Adjustable. The distance for emergency brake is less than 20mm
Human-Machine InterfaceThe touch screen human-machine interface is adopted to easily set the parameter, site or alarm.
Working EnvironmentIndoor Temperature: 0-40 Celsius Degree; Relative Humidity: 5%-90%
Safety ProtectionFront Obstacle Testing Sensor + Mechanical Anti-collision Mechanism
Safety induction rangeDetecting range ≤3m, adjustable; Emergency braking distance: <20mm
AlarmSound and Lighting alarm
Design Life>10 Years